I design and build websites, addons, plugins and other custom applications.
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Who I Am

Rainner Lins
Web developer, Programmer.
I design and build websites, addons, plugins and other custom applications.
Astoria, New York, USA

I've been working on websites and server-side programming since around 2005 (13 years). It all started with trying to make custom layouts and templates for online profiles, but my curiosity for how things work kept me going way beyond that. Since then I have worked with many technologies including Flash, ActionScript, Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and Unix Bash. Today I work mostly with PHP/5.3+, HTML/5, CSS/2/3 and Javascript, building websites, custom addons, plugins or other web applications. I also spend a good amount of time setting up servers, e-mail, DNS, databases, anti-virus/spam, firewalls and other server-side services. I'm your everyday go-to computer guy.

Feel free to contact me over e-mail, or skype.
Available for freelance, contract, remote, local (NYC).

What I Do

Custom Graphic Design
7+ years,   75% efficiency.
Well thought out custom template/UI designs for websites done in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.
Front-end Development
7+ years,   90% efficiency.
Making templates and UI elements come to life using the latest added features in HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.
Back-end Development
8+ years,   95% efficiency.
Taking full advantage of the server your website is hosted on using PHP5.5+, Frameworks, or custom scripts.
System Administration
8+ years,   85% efficiency.
Making sure your site runs correctly, configuring email, databases, sub-domains and other custom backend services.
Company Branding
3+ years,   60% efficiency.
Helping brand your company with custom unique logos, business cards, advertisements and more.


Custom development of full websites, templates, user interfaces, logos, mobile applications, etc.
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Custom development of server applications, addons, plugins, frameworks, content management systems, etc.
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